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The Best Toilet A Buying Guide

The majority of people have little idea about what to look for when choosing the best toilet that fits your needs.

Although, it may seem like toilets are one of the easiest home appliances to purchase without a prior knowledge of what you want or what to look out for; many individuals have been left to lick their sours due to wrong choices, while being at the mercy of salespersons, who mostly sweet talk them into buying their products without an actual thought for the buyers. This article is aimed at enlightening you and ensuring you have the best value for every dollar you decide to spend on that toilet; let’s help you find maximum utility for your money.

I will take you on a step by step basis through the important details -which people tend not to pay attention to- you should look out for before making a choice on your next toilet. I may make mention of certain models and not brands and I want you to note that a good brand doesn’t assure a good model; that’s your first lesson. This article will be structured under 3 major talking points which will be “Toilet Environment, Comfort and Functionality and finally, maintenance”.

This article will be structured under 3 major talking points which will be;

  1. Toilet Environment
  2. Comfort and Functionality
  3. Maintenance


The environment and location of the toilet are very important. You are to know the size of your bathroom and also the location of the toilet drain pipe -which will determine the location of the toilets- as all these will aid in deciding on the appropriate dimensions of the toilets and the necessary Rough-in dimension; you don’t want the toilet impeding proper movement in the bathroom. In the case where you have a small bathroom, you can consider toilets with round bowls over elongated bowls as they have smaller dimensions.

The color of the wall decoration, bathtub, and sink may play a role in your choice as you may decide you want the toilet to come in pink or royal blue (to ensure uniformity) or chose to stick with the traditional white color, and this is mostly encouraged when hygiene is considered. Some toilet models come in different color options, like the Kohler Treshom (which comes in about 9 colors) and the TOTO Neorest 550 Dual flush One-piece toilet which comes in different kinds of white and also serves you well in saving enough space due to its small size. It’s a high-end toilet with diverse comfortable features and assuredly worth every dollar if you can afford it.

Those of us who have had the experience of being awakened by the noise of a flushed toilet or the loud shutting of the seat cover, will be able to easily reason with the need to choose an automated or slow shutting toilet, with a gravity fed or vacuum-assisted flush over the pressure assisted flush which is known to be noisy. I will also encourage you to give preference to the pressure assisted flush toilets in a case where it’s located away from rooms where the noise could be trouble, as it is known to have a more forceful flushing power and this, I will expatiate better in the next talking point.


The purpose of a toilet is to serve as a window through which waste is collected and moved to the sewers and to do that with some class; class being a subjectively rated factor. I will explain better in 3 points.

First, you want to be sure that the toilet you are about to spend your bucks on has the ability to flush waste down the drain efficiently and with as little amount of water as possible – for either solid or liquid waste – and also has enough force to prevent clogging; that is class.

In a bid to solve the issue of excess water use in toilets, as far back as 1995, the Energy department reduced water use by new toilets to about 1.6g/f. Currently in California, the working standard -depicted on toilets by the ‘Water sense label’- is about 1.28g/f. You should avoid toilets with low flushing force and the actual test of this is by using the MaP scale which is a maximum performance scale that rates the efficiency and flush performance of a toilet and also gives definite information on the characteristics of each toilet. The rating scale utilizes the MaP score which signifies “the number of grams of solid waste (Soybean paste and toilet paper) that a particular toilet can flush and remove completely from the mixture in a complete flush” and it is measured in Ounces or grams. You should note that the MaP database is available to everyone for free.

Importantly, the more recommended toilets with high flushing force are the pressure assisted ones although their noisy flush is a con if not well managed. Some gravity assisted toilets also have good flushing force and fewer reports of clogging and examples are the TOTO Drake toilet (elongated toilet with a 1.28g/f, power flushing system that is quiet and powerful; comes with a water sense label), KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa toilet (elongated one-piece toilet, 1.28g/f water sense label; leakage free flushing) and the Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT one-piece toilet (uses the macerating system to remove waste; tankless and uses water from the main source with an impressive 1.0g/f; has some advanced features in low price than its major competitor, the TOTO).

Also, you want comfort. Everyone deserves the opportunity to decide for themselves how comfortable they want to be on the toilet, and this is as much a factor of the bowl height as it is of the toilet seat. In North America, the regularly available height is around 14-15inches, while the standard ADA toilet recommended bowl height is about 16-18 inches and a height of about 10-14 inches in toilets for Children. In the case where the elderly or infirm will be using the toilets, the ‘Chair height’ is recommended along with safety support which can be installed. Test running the toilet by sitting on it before purchase is highly recommended; nothing beats a demo before the real deal. You may also decide to go along with your tape measure in other to make a more precise personal check especially when there is a height specification.

Finally, you should take note of the flushing technology as well as the material in which the toilet is made as this could contribute to an itch-free toilet use and ensure ease in stain removal. Some toilets come with a dual flush technology such that less water can be used for flushing liquid waste by pressing one of the buttons, and this ensures water conservation especially when you stay in a high populated house. The toilet material plays a role in how easy it will be in ensuring proper hygiene and toilet cleanness; toilets could come in Porcelain, Enamel, and Ceramics like the Vitreous China which allows for ease in removal of stains. Other toilet materials may exist as toilets are always evolving.


As much as you are hoping not to carry out a major repair on your toilet in the coming years, it is still essential that you find out about the availability and standard of replacement parts. A reliable and good toilet should have a lifespan of 10 years or more especially for large households and our purpose is to help you get such. It is advisable to inquire from the salesperson to know the warranty options available before you decide on a toilet. The American Standard Cadet 3 (aside from its good and eco-friendly features) for example, comes with 5years warranty, some toilets have 10years on them while some have 1; I will give preference to toilets with a longer warranty and you should too.

The process around making a choice on your first toilet may seem stressful but I can assure it isn’t. Your mind should be set around our three talking points, although your choice may be constrained by your financial capacity. In the instance when your budget is just over $200 or thereabout, there are low budget toilets which will still give you good value for your money. I will be listing below six of our highly rated toilets with their characteristics.


1. TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank, Cotton White (Price set at $278.64).

• Elongated bowl
• Vitreous China material
• 12 inches Rough in
• Glazed Trap way
• Quiet and powerful power flushing system (E-max)
• Toilet bowl has 18-1/2 inches width and 14-5/8 inches height.
• One year limited warranty
• The only con is that it is not ADA compliant

2. American Standard 2889216.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Round front 2-piece toilet (Price set at $329.27).

• Available in both round and elongated bowls
• Has a range of colors
• 12 inches Rough-in
• The material is vitreous China
• It has a Chrome-plated top mounted push button actuator
• Full Flush 1.3g/f and partial 0.9g/f
• Its only con is that it may not be suitable for small area bathrooms

3. KOHLER K-3978 -0 wellworth elongated (Price set at $223.50)

• 1.6g/f 2-piece toilet
• 12 inches Rough-in
• Vitreous China material
• Elongated bowl toilet
• Gravity assisted flushing
• One year limited warranty
• Very good reviews for its price

4. WoodBridge T-0001, Dual flush elongated one-piece toilet (Price set at $315)

• One piece toilet with soft closing seat
• Ceramic material with a white ceramic finish
• Water sense label with rectangular flush button
• Dual Flush System Design: 1.0-1.6g/f, average at 1.28-gallon flush
• 14.5 inches height
• 5-year limited warranty on porcelain parts / 1 Year warranty on flushing mechanism & soft closing toilet seat
• It is a top rated toilet

5. Swiss Madison SM – 1T254 St. Tropez (Price is at $283.92)

• One piece elongated toilet
• Dual tornado flush (0.8g/f – 1.28g/f)
• Soft closing seat
• Comfort Height
• Ceramic material
• Also a top rated toilet

6. TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II (Price is at $563.50)

• One piece elongated toilet
• Powerful tornado flush(double cyclone type) system at 1.28g/f
• Universal Height toilet
• Soft close seat included
• Ceramic material with CEFIONTECT, a layer of exceptionally smooth glaze that prevents particles from adhering to the ceramic
• 12 inches Rough-in
• ADA compliant and meets the standard for EPA water sense
• One year limited warranty.

Conclusively, money tends to be a major factor in deciding on the toilet to buy. It is always advisable to add a few bucks and buy better when you have to, as this saves you the stress and extra money which may pop up for repairs, unclogging’s and other maintenance issues.

Thanks for reading this article, looking forward to your comments and feedbacks.

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