Best Toilet Sink Combos

What better way to have an eco-friendly bathroom than combining the full functionalities of a sink and a toilet to one.

Toilet sink combos, as they’re called, retains the style and preserves space. They utilize water used in washing the hands to flush the toilets. They come at affordable prices too and eliminate extra costs incurred in acquiring sinks and toilets separately.

Some of them have their sinks above the toilet while others have them closer to the toilet, yet to the side.

All these offer the same functionalities while factoring in comfort and efficiency. Depending on your bathroom’s size and shape, you’ll find several unique designs that’ll save you space, water, wall area and even uplift hygiene in your toilet’s home or office.

So, let’s dive into some of the best toilet sink combos worth buying.

Roca’s Award-Winning W+W Bathroom Fixture

W+W is a combination of design, expertise and innovation.

Designed by Battison and Buratti architects, the Roca W+W toilet sink combo introduces fresh features and a sleek design offering comfort and conserving space too, cutting down on your budget costs when it comes to equipping your bathroom.

It’s an elegant solution to toilet greywater systems and has an awesome design embracing water- waste management. Its compactness makes it fit for tiny bathrooms.

Why Pick the Sleek Toilet Sink Combo?

• It reduces water usage by up to 25% compared to the normal 6/3-litre flush toilet.

• Implements water-reuse technology- 30% of our daily water usage goes to flushing toilets. The grey water system in the sleek toilet combo conserves your daily leading in remarkable wastewater and annual water cost savings.

• Automated cleaning system- This system cuts down on awful smells by avoiding flushing bacteria into the toilet’s cistern.

Toilets with Sinks on Top Combo

Toilet Sink Combo

These combos have sinks on top of the toilet’s tank to obtain one solid hybrid piece. It’s the most practical design convenient for cloakrooms.

For instance, let’s assume you have a tiny bathroom with limited space to accommodate both your toilet and sink. By having the two in a single piece, you’ll maximize their functionality, save on space and go green too. It even creates more room for adding wall decorations.

So far, the Futura Space Saving Toilet with the sink on top is the most outstanding model.

Let’s dive in!

Futura Space Saving Toilet with Sink on Top

The Futura Space Saving Toilet with Sink on Top is ideal for those seeking to add an extra toilet to their small cloakrooms.

Its stunning gloss finishing makes bathrooms look superb. It also has a slim design suitable for bathrooms without space for adding basins.

It comes with a concealed flush cistern(dual), a smooth curved D-shaped pan and a toilet seat that closes softly. Its seat also has a fast release feature fostering easy cleaning.

Feature Making the Futura Space Saving Toilet with Sink on Top Unique

• Great for tiny toilet areas- The Futura Space Saving Toilet with Sink on Top utilizes space in tiny bathrooms, and you’ll only require a small portion to add its sink and toilet.

• Ultra-modern, space saving and is the perfect choice for cloakrooms and below stair conversions.

• It has a soft top-notch quality seat to provide extra comfort to its users.

• Dual flash cistern- Its dual flash cistern is designed to reduce water usage, water bills and clog rates.

All in One Space Saving Toilet + Sink Basin Combination Unit Cloakroom En-Suite.

This two in one combo comes with a pearly white seat, dual flash system, and a soft closing lid. Its tap solely relies only on cold feed supply making its installation easy.

Whether you intend to install it in your home, office, shop or restaurant, either way, will save you money, space and time.

Its tap and basin are integrated into its cistern, and you won’t have to acquire a separate sink. It greatly saves on water since the used amounts flow into the cistern to be reserved for the next flush. After its cistern is filled, the excess amounts are channeled into the pan through the internal overflow.

Outstanding Features in the All in One Space Saving Toilet + Sink Basin Combination Unit

• Moisture resistant- This is attributed to its highly glossy white paint

• Hidden fixings for smooth finishing with its taps, basin, and toilet

• Reuses the basin water in its cistern hence improving water efficiency

Caroma Profile Toilet with Water Saving Integrated Dual Flush Hand Sink

sustainable design, green design, water, toilet, greywater system, caroma, profile smart dual flush

The Caroma High Profile is a dual-flush toilet with a space saving design too. It’s highly efficient and takes water-saving innovation a notch higher.

The water from its tap is first used to wash, recycled then diverted to flushing the toilet. Its cistern is filled through the integral hand basin. After using the toilet suede, four buttons integrated into the spout design are used to flush the toilet.

This activates the flush cycle and water enters the cistern through an inlet valve. The inlet valve redirects the water into the spout in the basin giving users sufficient time to wash their hands.

Water then flows into the cistern to be stored for the next flushing just like in the Futura Space Saving toilet with sink on top.

Why the Caroma Profile is Unique

• Top-level water saving technology- It saves up to 70% of water compared to a single flush toilet suede with a separate basin. It has also incorporated dual flush push button and spout designed to reduce the bathroom water usage.

• Low maintenance- No treatment cost associated with its technology

Cube Combo Units Gallery imageChoosing the best furniture for your bathroom is key; it inspires and alters the feel and look of your bathroom. Cube combos enrich their bathrooms with a wonderful yet affordable back to wall toilet.

They are crowned by hard wearing resins which are highly durable and easy to clean compared to normal ceramics.

Most of their designs are preassembled for easy and fast installation. Let’s look at some of the best cube combo units.

Cassellie Medium Oak Cube Combo Unit

The Cassellie Medium Oak Cube Combo Unit has stylish furniture crafted from superior fireboard material to give your bathroom a perfect finish.

It possesses a slimline projection ideal for small bathrooms like cloakrooms. Its sink vanity unit with the medium oak finish adds texture to every bathroom design and it also has an extra space beneath the basin for staffing or hiding bathroom essentials.

Its cupboard doors are made of soft closing doors and have been cushioned to safeguard users’ fingers.

The Cassellie Medium Oak Cube Combo Unit is, therefore, a great choice for anyone seeking stylish furniture to decorate their small bathroom.

Why You Should Choose the for Cassellie Medium Oak Cube Combo Unit

• Its WC unit is modernly designed to give your bathroom an exceptional look.

• Short unit projection providing space saving solutions

• Its WC unit is plumbing friendly.

• It has a soft closing cabinet that is easy to open and close without harming your fingers.

The Black Ash Cube Plus Combo Unit from Cassellie

This toilet sinks combo combines all bathroom essentials in one fabulous ultra-modern piece that fits perfectly in any home suite.

It comprises of a single door unit with soft closing doors, a basin on its top, and good storage space for keeping your bathrooms clean and tidy.

It also has a concealed cistern and a full WC with all parts inclusive. Its basin has one tap hole and an overflow system with a stylish finish. The Black Ash Cube Plus Combo Unit from Cassellie has also been finished with black ash adding vibrant, subtle sense to every home.

The Black Ash Cube Plus Combo Unit Features

• Reversible cupboards and basins (for right- or left-hand basin)

• Soft closing drawers and doors

• Black ash finishing

• Angular design


Finding the best toilet sink combo that fits the needs of your bathroom isn’t easy. You’ll spend time and effort looking for the best styles, sizes, flush systems and finishing and this is enough to give you a headache.

Nevertheless, we’ve simplified your workload through this exhaustive guide that’ll aid you to select the best toilet sink combo that rhymes with your toilet’s needs.